Associated Press announces style changes

Want to send an e-mail from your smart phone?

Well, you can’t. At least not if the Associated Press has their way.

The editors of the Associated Press Stylebook (a.k.a. the codifiers of all things journalistic, alpha and omega, king of kings, lord of lords)  announced at the national conference of the American Copy Editors Society that they would be making some quote-unquote big changes to their holy style book. Some of the changes that took place at 3 A.M. EDT on March 19 are:

  • e-mail is now “email” (words such as e-commerce and e-reader maintain the hyphen)
  • Calcutta is now “Kolkata”
  • smart phone and cell phone are “smartphone” and “cellphone”

Looks like these wordinistas have a thing for merging words (Last year, they smashed website into one word). If my predictions are correct by 2030, the AP will have us all speaking in some sort of  post-post-modern, Twitter-optimized Aztec language.

It has begun


Also, I can’t confirm this. But I hear these guys run a rather decent wire service when they aren’t busy dicking about with the King’s English. Anybody know if this is true?

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2 Responses to Associated Press announces style changes

  1. Wire service, wire-service or wireservice? Or do we have to wait for the ext conference for that change? LOL

  2. Sorry for the typo – …. next conference …

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