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The Only Chance You’ll Ever Have to Own a Pet Dinosaur

On the night of June 26, the Vancouver Craigslist was chockfull of posts that amounted to standard fare for the classifieds site: stained furniture, apartment listings and spambots telling you how you could use your freshly-enlarged penis in a “casual encounter” with them … Continue reading

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Pitchfork is so disconnected from black folks that it forgets what R&B is

Look at this face. You’d probably be surprised to hear that this rosy-cheeked young man is making a name for himself producing, performing and releasing soulful slow jams. Although he’s certainly not the first scrawny Brit to surprise people with his atypical voice … Continue reading

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Flagler College plans new communications building

                An ancient building is scheduled to be demolished in downtown St. Augustine. But, don’t expect the characteristic fuss and protest that come with demolition in a historic city when this old edifice goes bye-bye.                 The Flagler College Communication … Continue reading

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Associated Press announces style changes

Want to send an e-mail from your smart phone? Well, you can’t. At least not if the Associated Press has their way. The editors of the Associated Press Stylebook (a.k.a. the codifiers of all things journalistic, alpha and omega, king of … Continue reading

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Local Servicemember says he is ‘ready for repeal’ of DADT

The United States Army is set to repeal its “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy barring homosexuals from openly serving sometime this year and the sensitivity training will soon begin. On the battlefield. Command Sgt. Maj. Marvin Hill, the nation’s top-ranked enlisted … Continue reading

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Not so “happy” with thier meal

There’s a video playing. Five serious types in black outfits and balaclavas stand in front of a yellow curtain, with a revolutionary’s black and yellow flag hanging in the background. Thier hooded hostage kneels in the foreground. The group’s de … Continue reading

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Why Waka?

I should know better. There’s no doubt about that. As a self-respecting and (at least part-way) college-educated consumer, I should know better. But I can’t stop myself. Hidden deep down in the catacombs of my taste, past several 8-bit alligators … Continue reading

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